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Air Conditioning: From Luxury To Necessity

Ask some of the “more seasoned” comfort specialists on our team, and they’ll tell you of a time when ovens weren’t turned on during the heat of a summer’s day. Many remember the era of sleeping in the coolest room in the house, even if that meant on a sleeping bag under a ceiling fan. Those were the days before air conditioners were readily available and affordable for the average family.

Now central air is standard in most Indiana homes, and we can live our lives in comfort year-round… even turning the oven on and sleeping in our own beds!

If your air conditioning isn’t keeping up or if your home is one of the few without central air, here are some factors to consider:

 1. Air conditioning helps lower home humidity. Even if you don’t turn your air conditioning to the coolest setting, you can help decrease your home’s humidity with AC. Keeping your air conditioning temperature set to around 75 will help keep you comfortable without breaking the bank.

2. Air conditioning can help reduce allergy symptoms. Because you can keep your windows closed, fewer outdoor allergens will impact those suffering from seasonal allergies. If you want to take your air quality to the next level, consider getting an air quality assessment from our team at MRS Heating and Cooling. We have innovative air filtration systems and ventilation updates that can be a huge help to seasonal allergy sufferers.

3. Regular maintenance can help lower cooling bills. Make the most of your home utility budget by getting an AC tune-up. By having our trained HVAC technicians clean and service your air conditioning unit, you can be sure you are getting the most out of your AC this summer.

4. Consider a mini-split unit. If you have an area of your house that isn’t reachable by your existing ductwork, consider adding a mini-split unit.  These units mount to the wall and can provide both air conditioning and heat. Using the latest comfort technology, you can have air conditioning and heat in hard-to-reach areas like garages and home additions.

5. You deserve to enjoy your summer. Don’t sacrifice sleep, comfort, and convenience because your air conditioning unit can’t keep up. We have financing options available to fit your budget. By working with MRS Heating & Cooling, you’ll get the service and comfort you deserve.

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